Most Popular Smartphone Applications

With smart phones only getting smarter, and our curiosity for new gadgets, new gizmos and of course newly updated applications always thriving, there is a short list of applications that most smartphone users note as ‘must-haves'.  These applications are popularly credible and seem to exist on a majority of smartphone owner's application lists.

Here are some of the most used applications for smartphone users, and their features:

Pandora:  Pandora is an automated music genome system that creates music recommendations based on your key listening artists.  It continually plays the music you want to hear, while also including new music that may be of interest to you.  These songs of possible interest occur by the system analyzing the user's music choices and genres, then matching with like artists or songs.  The user can continually morph their selection of music by approving or not approving the selections chosen by the system.

The best feature Pandora has to offer, is that the first forty hours of listening, each month, is absolutely free.  Users can choose to continue their usage after the forty free hours per month, for a small fee; but it is not required.  With this application, being in the know about new music, as well as listening to your favorites is easier than ever.

The Weather Channel:  The weather used to be as simple as reading the weekly newspaper and getting an above average estimate on what weather personnel expected the situation to be.  Now, with The Weather Channel application, users can get the weather for any place across the globe, with the click of a button.  The application offers map views, text views, or screen shots of the weekly forecast.

Whether you're into viewing amazing storm videos caught on film, or always being in the know about the latest weather and forecasts, this application is becoming more popular with each day.  This application is compatible with phones such as the iPhone, but also with the iPad Touch and iPad.  Systems must have an iOS of 3.0 or later (version) to use the application.

NeatCall:  NeatCall is a great application used for organizing your career life.  Small business owners, starting out without much assistance are loving this new app.  The basic package is currently free, but to add additional features and gadgets, there is a monthly fee that applies.

With the click of a button NeatCall finds the optimal meeting and/or conference time slot for your desired meeting, and follows up with the appropriate attendees.  No longer is there a need for making additional phone calls, or sending lengthy emails to confirm scheduling communications.  The application not only finds appropriate timing for your meetings and calls, but updates your calendar with the information necessary.  Even in the event that one may require <a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/4055535']);" href="">iPhone repair</a>, NeatCall stores all information on their server.  NeatCall is easy, and can be used on a variety of smartphones.  Currently the iPhone and Blackberry are user friendly for this popular application.

There are bundles of helpful and new age applications out on the market (and free) today.  Dependent on your lifestyle, perhaps one of these popular smartphone applications may make your smartphone usage all the better.

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