How to Choose good Smartphone

This article shares some advice for you on choosing Smartphone. Hope it can offer you some help.

At the 2.5G era, the born of Smartphone changes the concept of traditional mobile phone consumption, intensifies the competition in mobile phone market. Mobile phones, like Sony Ericssion P802, Lenovo ET180, and many Dopod mobile phones, are the classic representative ones in Smartphone area. All of them have both beautiful appearance and powerful applications.

Recently, with the rapid development of mobile phone application, various Smartphone are emerged into the market with overwhelming publicity. Most people don’t know how to choose a perfect Smartphone even though they’ve sought different kinds of advice from mobile phone sellers. Therefore, I’d like to share some advice for you on Smartphone choosing.

For me, Smartphone is a kind of mobile phone with opened system which can enable users to choose favorite software, game, and applications according to their own preferences and needs, just like the difference between the computer and the PS.

The first factor we should consider is the system. The stability of the system and its subsequent software support is the standard in system choosing. Sometimes, the software can not be compatible with the system even in the same system. But, the smart choice is to choose a system with stability and various software supporting.

The second factor is brand. A good brand means good quality. But, you can choose your favorite brand according to its system. Here are some references,

Symbian OS: Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericssion, Panasonnic, Siemens, etc.

SmartPhone OS: Mircrosoft, Intel

Palm OS: Palm, Handspring

Linux OS: Motorola

Next factor is price. As we know, new arrival cell phone is the publicity tool of manufacturers. Usually, the production of new version is limited at the beginning. Manufacturers take advantage of customers’ fashion pursues psychology to increase the publicity and raise its price. It already becomes a custom that manufacturers make a great profit by introducing new cell phone into the market. ThereforeFree Articles, you should not choose those new brand listed ones.

The last factor is service. Since Smartphone is still in the initial stage. Lots of their technologies are unstable. Many problems also exist in it. The service of manufacturer must be considered as one of the premise to buy Smartphone for guarantee.

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