How to Manage your time using Smartphone Applications

Manage Your Time Using Smartphone Apps

We all get some time when we are traveling or waiting for an appointment. These are the importants moments in terms of doing a particular work. But in most of the cases we just have to look for something for passing the time. But if you are a smartphone user, you can utilize this time to finish your daily planned tasks faster.
The steps discussed below will work for iPhone, Android or Windows based smartphones. There are only 7 easy features which can help you a lot:
1. Reading emails: You can add almost all types of email accounts to your Smartphone's mail application, and for some of them you can even receive an instant message (i.e. push mail) when a new e-mail arrives your inbox.
2. Use the up to date online calendar at your phone to makes it easier to add and remove entry's. Typing on a mobile device is now easier, but even not quicker than typing texts on a virtual, full size keyboard.
3. Educational Podcasts: Always get connected to your latest available educational podcasts for sel-education. If you can find a way to sync your podcasts directly over WiFi, you can use them while traveling.
4. You can read the latest updates from sites you subscribe during this time. Google reader is a good option. There are iPhone apps that allow you to view and sync the subscribed entry's.
5. You can carry bookmarks if you come across interesting pages. You can do this on your PC or the Smartphone. Syncing these with the online service will allow you to view your bookmarks wherever you are. To do this you can probably use xmarks. You can use the waiting or traveling time to read these. It will definitely save your productiove hours.
6. Cheap ISD calls: There are several companies offering VOIP services. Most of them cost you a small amount that let's you make unlimited phone calls to the landlines in almost all the countries. You can use Siphon for your iPhone. Using it over WiFi will give you much better sound quality. You can use your spare time for this.
7. Access to social networking media: These days social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. Have become more than important both in personal and business use. Most of them are just free to install and work perfectly at your Smartphone.
The Smartphone developers, especially the iPhone application developers are always working on the new apps that can make your life easier. You can easily use your Smartphone from any where and any time to get your daily works done.


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